Phone Schedule for Android – Do Anything Automatically

I don’t know whether your phone has a built-in tool that can do as a schedule tasker or not but if you will use this app, you can do it as an alternative. Generally, all people select Silent mode at night and then select General mode in the morning or do vibrate their phone when they are in meeting. Or you are sharing your internet connection with one of your friends and want to turn it off automatically, at this situation; you can use it easily to do so. Or you can also make fool to your friends or anyone else by launching any application automatically.

What is Phone Schedule?

Phone Schedule is for Android which is really a famous operating system that is provided by Google. Actually, Phone Schedule will solve all your above mentioning problems. Inside this app, you will just get some tasks and time setter by which you can do those things in a predefined time.

Method of selecting a task through Phone Schedule:

You will get a screen that will come across to you after opening this tool.

Just select a task and time and save your changes.

Phone Schedule for Android – Do Anything Automatically

That’s all!

Download Phone Schedule.

Source:- Google Play

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