How to Copy a Post Link from Different Social Networking Websites

You know that these three social networking websites are really cool and also helpful to get thousands of traffic for your blog. These three social networking websites are working in three different methods. For example, you can create group or page on Facebook and share your recent blog posts. It is quite easy when it comes to Twitter or Google Plus. On Google Plus, you can create community where you can gather people and get traffic by sending email after creating circle. But Twitter is totally different from those pre-introduced sites where from you can get traffic but it is not yet so easy. You will must be a famous people, other than this; no one will not follow you in a normal way and come to your weblog. It doesn’t matter that you have thousands of followers but all followers are fake or not.

However, Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. are used for getting traffic. But in normal way, this will take a long time to get so. So, many people organize giveaway. And you know that giveaway means sharing and getting gift. Most of the giveaways want your sharing proof. At this situation, you have to enter the URL that you have shared on any social networking websites; it may be Facebook, Twitter or even Google Plus. When I did participate in my first giveaway and shared their post on Facebook, it was quite hard to find that particular post link for me. This problem may be occurring to anyone, that’s why I am talking about such like this.

Copy a post link from different social website:-

Now this is very easy to copy the link from any sites with the help of these following steps.

  • From Facebook:-

At first share what you want to share. Then you can find a time /date that says the time when you have shared a post. Just click on that.

How to Copy a Post Link of Different Social Networking Websites

Now your screen is just showing only one post. Copy the link from URL bar.

  • From Google Plus:-

Do that thing what you have done with Facebook. Then again click the time link. Copy the link from URL bar.

How to Copy a Post Link of Different Social Networking Websites

  • From Twitter:-

It is quite different from those two sites. At first, click the Expand link and then press Details.

How to Copy a Post Link of Different Social Networking Websites

How to Copy a Post Link of Different Social Networking Websites

Then copy the URL from URL bar.

That’s all! I think this little bit-of piece will help you very much.

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