TabJump – Chrome Extension to Manage Your Countless Chrome Tabs

I am an internet user for last 5 years and a Chrome user for last 2 years. And I have a problem. Generally, I open so many tabs without counting or managing effectively. Sometimes, I also face some troubles when I go to find something from those countless opened tabs. Most of the times, I cannot find what I am looking for and it is really a time bursar to find something from 20-30 opened tabs. That’s why I have found a solution of this problem just now. If you are a sufferer like me of this problem, you can easily do it with your Chrome browser.

You know that Chrome is really a very respectable browser for any kind of device. There are so many extensions those can send anything from webpage to your Google Drive account or you can also merge multiple chrome tabs with a little extension. You can also use Feedly as a feed reader which is also a Chrome extension.

Manage your countless Chrome tabs with TabJump:-

At such like this situation, TabJump is really a good choice for us. You can easily get control over all those opened tabs. Actually, it will help you to jump into one particular tab from another opened tab. There is no need to check each tab to get your need.

You know that if you closed a tab accidentally, you can get it by pressing Ctrl + Shift + T. But assume, you have closed 8 tabs then how you will get it instantly? I know you can also get it from browsing history page but it will be time spender. Isn’t? But if you will use TabJump, you can easily get it by just clicking the TabJump icon.

TabJump – Manage Your Countless Chrome Tabs

That’s all! If you have any other query, let us know. We will try to help you.

Download TabJump.

Source:- Chrome Web Store

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