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YouTube is a brilliant video based website that can be a good alternative of a better seo practice for your website. on other end SEO is an integral part of Blogging journey. A blogger does different things to promote his blog all around the world. The first objective of a website is to get in first page in Google Search Engine. So YouTube can give a stand alone support for promoting your blog and drive more and more traffic to a website. Let see how to compromise with YouTube for best SEO practices.

Google Search Results and is the two inseparable part of each other. Most of the search result of Google Search is occupied by YouTube videos. So naturally YouTube gets tons of organic traffic from Google search engine. Normally if you upload a video to your own website’s media library, then you might not get organic traffic from Google for that video. Instead if you upload exactly that video to YouTube then it probably get a chance to come Google’s first page. This is one of the main reason why every corporate and non-corporate websites use YouTube for their video library.

The main factors behind Good Seo practices are Specific keywords, meta tag etc. But one more addition to that list is YouTube video. If you want to increase viewership to a website then upload your videos to YouTube with proper title, keywords and key phrase and just see the real traffic to your blog right from that YouTube video.

As I already describe YouTube as a number one source for videos all over the world, so definitely people view those YouTube videos either directly or from search results. It provides visitor every kinds of video that they want. And main characteristic of these YouTube videos are – These videos can be optimized for SEO and realizing the importance of SEO, you can add back-links to your website from those videos as well. As YouTube is a highly traffic site and if you get back-link/inbound link it would definitely increase the page rank of your site. You can consider it as a second largest search engine after Google.

Try to create a focus keyword related video and after uploading that one to YouTube add title, tags, keywords etc as you do for your blog. Add a description describing what actually you want to say and use the relative appropriate keywords in the description and title section of the video also. And then attach a link to your targeted information.

As the primary goal of YouTube is advertising, social and media marketing so just use YouTube as a better traffic reference to your blog.

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