Why your parents think that Blogging is a waste of time and life

Why you are misusing times since when I bought a laptop for you? When you will read books? When you will go to your college and read your books minutely?

These are most common questions which you can hear if you are blogger as well as a college student. Blogging is an inclination for school or college student. He/she never give up this interested thing if they get the self-interest for at least one time. But if he/she is a college or school student, you may face several problems after starting full time blogging carrier instead of 10-3 college or school schedule.
So, today I am going to elucidate you some most common facts behind this problem.

Your parents do not know anything what you are doing or they don’t know what is blogging:-

There are also some parents who don’t know about anything of blogging. So, you must have to deliver some important terms of blogging to your parents so that they can perceive what blogging is.

Embezzle 24 hours on your PC:-

This is one of the most common facts for everyone that they have to spend like around 15-16 hours per day when he/she has just started his/her blogging journey. This is must for decreasing the rank and attracting their visitors. I don’t know what the right solution of this problem is.

Giving the more importance to blogging than scheduled book studies:-

If your character matches with all about the previous words, you must face problem. When someone starts blogging, he just forgets who is he/she and what is his/her academic attribute. This is also a fact that you have to devote yourself to blogging if you really start your pro blogging carrier and that’s why he/she spends most of his/her time in blogging rather than in studying.
This is my own problems, what is your’s? share with us and feel better.

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