How to Recover WordPress User Password from phpMyAdmin

You know that WordPress is the best blogging software and most of the hijackers target WordPress blog to show their techniques in sense of hacking. At first they try to hack your WordPress Admin Panel and after that they come to your Hosting control panel. But if you will do something during their works, this could help you to be hacked by any unwanted people. And you know that every hacker changes the existed password just after get control over anything. Meanwhile if you can understand this unusual activity and change the password of your WordPress admin panel, your blog might be safe.

On other end, MySQL has a great role and now a days it is using as the world’s most popular open source database. There is an important thing and that is phpMyAdmin which is a freeware that is written in PHP and it’s very important to handle MySQL. All these things are quite popular when you are using WordPress as your blogging platform.

You know that you can change the password of your admin panel until your blog is protected from hackers but you should always be familiarized with this technique.

Recover WordPress user password from phpMyAdmin:

However, it might take a few moments but you should know this trick anyway. At first, log in to your hosting Control Panel and pick out the option that says phpMyAdmin. It will be stand under Databases tab.

Then choose your database if your web hosting is carrying on more than one blog. Then choose wp_users.

Recover WordPress User Password from phpMyAdmin

<This screenshot is from my own hosting panel. It might be change the looks for different hosting CPanel>

Click on Browse.

Recover WordPress User Password from phpMyAdmin

After that you can find all users on your screen those are associated with that database. Press the Edit button.

Recover WordPress User Password from phpMyAdmin

After that, you will get user_pass on your left hand side and beside it, you will get your password in MD5. <Get more about MD5 from here>

Recover WordPress User Password from phpMyAdmin

Just type your new password in MD5. <Click here to convert your plain text into MD5>

Click on Go so that you can make sure your changes.

That’s all!

Here are also some techniques those will let you change your WordPress user password (Source).

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