How to Prevent Anyone from Deleting Your Browsing History in IE 10

You know that Internet Explorer is a built-in web browser for Windows operating system and it first comes with Windows 8 and then with Windows 7. There are so many good features those might be useful for you in sense of official tasks. You can also open this browser in Metro UI mode so that you can get a better user experience with your simple browser which is now working for downloading only Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox after installing any OS. Yes, it’s true and I think after a few years the use of Internet Explorer will be reduced meritoriously.

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However, it will be really good news that you can keep your personal browsing history and passwords from changing by anyone. Today this Group Policy Editor tweak will help you to shield your data i.e. cookies, download history, InPrivate Filtering data, favorites site data, browsing history and more. You know that everyone saves their passwords on their browser for three reasons. 1. When someone cannot remember, 2. When someone wants to save time and 3. When someone does not want to type their passwords in front of any other people. But it if you are saving your passwords for the first reason, it will be very sad matter if someone will delete your password from your Internet Explorer. To prevent this crux, you can easily block him /her so that he /she cannot delete your password.

Generally, most of the people press Ctrl + Shift + Del to get the delete option faster. Be default, it looks something like the following picture.

And after changing some settings from Group Policy Editor, that default windows will looking something like the following screen snap.

How to Prevent Anyone from Deleting Your Browsing History in IE 10

Options will be turned off.

How to prevent anyone from deleting your browsing history?

At fir, open your Group Policy Editor and navigate to the following options.

Computer Configuration >> Administrative Templates >> Windows Components >> Internet Explorer >> Delete Browsing History

Here you will get thirteen options. You have to double click on them and press Enabled button.

How to Prevent Anyone from Deleting Your Browsing History in IE 10

After that change your settings.

That’s all!

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