How to Change the Brand Logo when You are Using Google Apps

You know Google Apps is quite helpful for anyone who has not so enough money to upgrade their account for business. That’s why there is still an option inside Google Apps that might be helpful to create an email with your domain name ( It looks quite professional and you can put any name as username. Generally, this feature is not available for Gmail or any other email services because you are not the first user of that service.

You can sign in to after setting up your email rightly. And just after signing in, a default Gmail logo will be shown in your account. I am talking about this logo. If you want to change this default logo, you would have to follow the following steps.

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How to change the brand logo?

At first create a logo for this purpose ( upto 143 X 59 pixels). Then type a URL something like the following one;

Navigate to the Domain Settings and Appearance.

Choose Custom logo and upload your image.

That’s all!

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