How to Prevent Anyone from Recording Sound in Windows 8

You know Sound Recorder is a built-in tool that could help you to record a high quality sound if you have any headphone or anything else like that. It can be used in various situations. For example, you want to give some message to your friends and the message is quite long in word. Meanwhile, you can easily record your message and sent it to anyone. Or you want to set a reminder so that you can remember what you have to do. Even at such like a situation, you can set a reminder after recording your voice. There are also so many uses of this sound recorder.

Till now, everything is Ok. But suppose, you have a wayward friend who loves to record his own voice if he get your PC alone. At this condition, your friend can record couples of records and might be create clutter inside your PC. So, I think you need a tool by which you can prevent him from creating voice record from your PC. If yes, you can make use of this tweak by which you can disable the sound recorder.

How to prevent anyone from recording sound?

Today I am going to show you this tweak that will be done through Group Policy Editor. There is no need to install any third party tool when you have Group Policy Editor.

At first, open your Group Policy Editor and navigate to the following options;

User Configuration >> Administrative Templates >> Windows Components >> Sound Recorder

Double on the option that is appeared on right pane. Change the settings from Not Configured to Enabled.

After that, whenever anyone will go to open sound recorder, he /she will be greeted with this following message.

That’s all!

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