Reduce Bounce Rate With Relevant YouTube Videos

Very how bounce rate to a blog can cause a poor search engine ranking to your blog. Bounce rate is one of the important factor for a blog. The bounce rate should be very minimum for a good quality blog. Though I have already mentioned in our blog “What is Bounce Rate” and how to “Minimize Bounce rate for a Blog“. Now another extra addition to your blog can surprisingly remove and minimize the bounce rate. You can use YouTube video to reduce the bounce rates.

We have already discussed about How YouTube can be used for best Seo practices. One, if use relevant YouTube videos to each blog, then it can easily recover from increasing bounce rate problem. If your bounce rate goes above the margin of 40% to 50% then it is the high time for you to think about it. It not only sends a negative signal to Google like search engine, but also decrease page-views of your blog as well.

When you add appropriate and proper videos to each and every post then people while visit your website, spend sometime for viewing those videos and thus it is very easy to engage viewers to your site and it definitely reduces bounce rate.

Do not add spam videos. Just use videos that can describe your content and help viewers to understand the fact more elaborately. Just see how to embed YouTube videos to a WordPress Blog for your better understanding regarding this issue. Beside this you should write complete SEO friendly articles and good grammatical skill for blog writing.

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