Battery Dr. Saver – An Android Battery Optimizer and Task Killer App

You know that we have already reviewed some battery savers for Android. We think, you have saved your battery effectively. Actually, Battery Problem is a crucial problem for anyone i.e. employees, employers, normal guys or anyone else. You might face various problems for low battery problem. Suppose, you have a call from your boss and meanwhile your battery has not yet so enough charge to pick up the call. At such like some situations, several problems might be come. But those problem will not arrive until you are using a battery saver aka optimizer.

Generally, battery savers give info about how much time your battery will give you proper service. Battery Dr. Saver is such an app that will give you the details of your battery regarding to your current battery level. It’s a two in one tool that will help you to optimize your battery and on other end it will kill task those are taking more charge.

Battery Dr. Saver (Introduction):-

You know that more running apps and built-in tools i.e. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS etc. are take a huge part of your battery. There are four different parts of this app. On the first tab, you could get only Battery Information. The second tab would give you battery charge statistics. The very next tab i.e. Settings could give enable or disable some features i.e. Wi-Fi, GPS. From the last tab, you can disable some running apps which might also be done from your built-in app manager.

I think, this bit of piece could aid you very much.

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