Get Image Details without Downloading in Google Chrome

You know that getting an image on the web is not difficult. This is as easy as eating. Suppose, you want to embed an image from flickr to your blog but you are getting some errors when you are going to do so. There might be various kinds of problems. But one of the problems is wrong file path and image size. If you are going to add a 5MB photo with a bad data connection, I am sure that some fatal errors could occur. But if you check that image in sense of file path and size, your problems might be low. For that, you need to download them at first on your machine. If you want to know more about a particular photo, you just need to add an extension to your browser i.e. Google Chrome.

You know that Google Chrome is a trustworthy web browser for computers and mobiles (Android). There are so many extensions those could help you to send something to your Google Drive account or read feed from that browser and more. And today’s script is also based on a reliable Chrome extension that will assist you to get information about any image.

How to get image details without downloading?

Meet Image Info Size. This is really a helpful and useful tool to get information. There is no difficult settings and you can operate is in a very easy way.

At first add it to your browser and select a particular image from the web. Then right click on that and choose View Image Info.

After that a screen will popped up with that image information.

Get Image Details without Downloading in Google Chrome

Get Image Details without Downloading in Google Chrome

That’s all!

My View:

This tool gives only a basic knowledge instead of actual info.

Download Image Info Size.

Source:- Google Play Store

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