Wordfence – The best WordPress plugin for security scan and check live traffic

This is also too much SEO friendly than BlogSpot and that’s why WordPress is better than BlogSpot. You blog security is a huge matter which may be the most common mistake for every newbies that they don’t use any security tool.

Traffic is everything for any blog. There are so many options to get all information about your visitor. You can your hosting control panel as well as Google Analytics. But if someone asks you “How to check live traffic of my blog?”, can you give the answer of that question? But if you follow this post entirely, I am sure it will be very easy to give the absolutely right answer anytime.

How to get Wordfence?

You can get this tool for WordPress plugin directory or also go to here.

How to scan the security level of my blog using this tool?

After installing it, you can find an extra menu in your left pane. (Something like the following picture.)

Just place your mouse pointer and you will get the Scan option. To scan, click on Start A WordPress Scan.

How to check live traffic using Wordfence?

You have to again place your mouse pointer on that button to get the Live Traffic option.

Here you can find 9 different options to get your live traffic details.

All Hits – It will show you all types of traffic details.

Humans – It will give the details of human hits.

Registeres Users

Crawlers – It will show you every details of every kinds of Crawlers hits.

Google Crawler – Google crawlers hit will be shows in this tab.

Page Not Found – Get 404 errors of your blog which are (is) found by human.

Logins And Logouts – Suppose you have three or four users for your blog and you want to track all login and logout details, you can get it here.

Top Consumers – You can get every top visitor details from here. It will give a number to every top visitors according to quantity of hit.

Top 404s – This is quite same as previous option. It will show you which 404 error is clicked by many people.

I think this little bit of knowledge may help you very much. Try it, its really very good.

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