All in One Toolbox – Optimize Your Mobile Effectively

System optimization is one of the most important parts out of your smart phone conservation service. You know that every electronic gadget has their own processor and smart phones have actually a good quality of processors and that’s why they are running quicker than others. But if you will not do something to keep it clean, sometimes it occurs problem. But every time you would have to choose the best software for getting most out of your little smart phone. But before that you have to know everything about your gadget so that you can choose app that will be compatible for your gadget version, os, processor etc. All in One Toolbox is such a system information reporter which has the capacity to give you every small details of your mobile.

All in One Toolbox – A tiny introduction and capabilities:-

As it has no side effect, you can easily install it without thinking for twice. At first you can find a screen which will show you some details of your system memory in a graph view.

Just scroll down and look at right bottom. There is a button called System Info. Click that to get everything about your smart phone. It will show the Manufacturer, device name, OS version, OS name, Processor, Battery and more.

The most interesting thing is that you can also stop any running tasks via this tool. For such like that, just tap to the Process tab and select tasks to kill them.

The next and last tab is called Tools where from you can clear temporary files of your system, clean SD card /history /APK files etc. There are also so many options those are known as Bach Install, Batch Uninstall, Backup & Restore, Add to Startup and Boot Speedup.

All in One Toolbox - Optimize Your Mobile Effectively

All those pre-mentioned options will assist you to optimize your gadget effectively. And according to me, you should give it a try.

Download All in One Toolbox. (Source:- Google Play)

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