Windows Update Notifier – An Update Notifier for Windows 8

You know that Windows 8 has so many new features as well as they have already excluded some features from this OS. For example, the Start Menu Button is missing from Windows 8 when you can get it back through some software. Like this, Windows 8 doesn’t offer an update notifier like other operating systems i.e. Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP. Actually, this notifier does notify users for available updates. But in Windows 8, you would have to go to Windows Update area to get the details about updates of drivers and other features.

In Microsoft forum, it became an interesting topic for last year and according to Microsoft,

The reason of removing this feature is based on most of the users’ feedbacks. If a notification were to be displayed, this is suppressed if the user is doing something important, especially when a user watching a movie or playing a game, or in the business environment being interrupted during a PowerPoint presentation.

Source:- Technet Social via Codeplex

But here is a trusted solution that depends on third party software. You will get notified after a predefined time or whenever an update will available.

Windows Update Notifier (Details):-

There is a tiny settings of this Windows 8 app.

It will automatically search for updates and notify you through a pop-up message from system tray. You can also set the time interval from 1 minute to 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 minutes.

Windows Update Notifier – An Update Notifier for Windows 8

I would recommend you to use this software instead of using default Windows Update feature.

Download Windows Update Notifier

Source:- Codeplex via Lifehacker

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