Lock Your WhatsApp and Prevent Others from Opening That

WhatsApp is a trustworthy online messaging client that could ease the popularity of built-in messaging clients of any mobile. You can chat with your friends those are fromyour contact list and have WhatsApp. Actually this is popular because you can send a free message if you just have a data connection. Till now, everything is Ok. But do you ever think that others might see your conversation as there is no security feature for WhatsApp that can protect your conversations. There are only two ways to protect those conversations.

  1. Use parental control app.
  2. Use WhatsApp locker

Lock your WhatsApp by these two apps:-

This kind of app has knocked my attention before a few days and since then I have used a few couple of tricks. But today, I have found something really useful.

Lock for WhatsApp:

Lock Your WhatsApp and Prevent Others from Opening That

There are two different versions of this tool. The free version is structured with just necessary features when the paid version app has something more than free version. It will help you to create a pattern for WhatsApp that will be used for WhatsApp security.

Get it on Google Play

Block WhatsApp:

Block WhatsApp

This is just similar as above one. But it will create a pin code to protect your WhatsApp conversations.

Get it on Google Play

If you forget your password:-

It will not be a major problem because you are using third party software to lock WhatsApp. You just need to uninstall the app that is creating problems.

That’s all! I hope these tools could bear out your requirement.

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