How to Delete a Post from Google Feedburner

You know that Google Feedburner is popular most email newsletter distributor for any kind of blog e.g. WordPress, BlogSpot or anything else. You can give the opportunity to your visitors to get subscribed to your blog so that he/she can get most recent updates of your blog in their email inbox. Generally, every bloggers use this feature when some of professionals use other newsletter service i.e. Awebar, Mailchimp and others because those services offer some additional features which are unavailable in Feedburner. But if you would like to use Google AdSense as a source of income of your blog, you must have a valid feed for your site on Google Feedburner.

Sometimes, we publish some posts to be crawled by various blog directories e.g. Technorati. In this case, take Technorati as an example. You know that Technorati is a large blog directory that has millions of blogs. If you want to be crawled your blog through Technorati, you will have to publish a post with their token for your site that has sent to your email after claiming your blog on Technorati. Now, after click the Verify button of your account for crawling by Technorati bot, they would say that now you can remove that post from feed. After all, it will be your duty to delete that post from Google Feedburner. Otherwise, that post will be sent to your feed subscribers. This is neither any problem nor any other else. But your subscribers might think that you are spamming. So, to get rid of this little problem, you can easily remove that particular post from your feed.

This is quite easy to remove any post from your blog. But Feedburner always need a secondary confirmation to delete any post. That’s why your feed will still carry your removed post. Actually, they work with like the cache memory. In this case, you will have to delete that cache memory from our site’s feed.

How to delete a post from Google Feedburner?

As I have been talking about so many things since first line, there is nothing to worry to do so. Actually, this trick is very easy and you can do it within a few moments.

At fir log in to your Feedburner account and navigate to the following options;

Select your feed >> Troubleshootize >> scroll down and click the Resync Now button.

That’s all! Before doing the above task, make sure that you have already remove that post from your blog.

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