How to Connect or Disconnect Chrome Apps from Your Google Drive Account

You know that Chrome web store provides so many web apps those could assist you to generate different things or do several tasks through Google Chrome. And there is no word to introduce Google Chrome regarding to download speed and browsing interface. It has repelled Firefox for its features and web applications. On other hand, Google offers Google Drive as an online storage to upload your data. It also offers another tool, called Google Docs that might be used as a mini MS Office. Because, you can create docs, do free hand drawing, presentations, spreadsheets, forms and more.

There are some web applications those need your permission to allow your Google Drive account to get full access. Those web apps might from Chrome web store i.e. Google Apps Script, Google Docs, Google Drawings, PDF Mergy and more others. Generally, there is no harmful effect for giving this kind of access. But if you are thinking that those apps might be useless for you, you can easily disconnect those applications easily. Or, if you want to add more apps so that you can do something ore, you can also do so within a few couple of moments.

How to connect Chrome apps?

This is very easy to do. At first, sign in to your Google Drive account and press the Create button. Then select Connect more apps.

After that, hove your mouse over any app that you want to add to your account and press Connect.

Connect more apps to Google Drive

That’s all!

How to disconnect Chrome apps from your Google Drive account?

Again do the first step as above (Sign in to your Drive account) and press the gear button and Manage Apps respectively.

Disconnect apps apps to Google Drive

Now, you could get all your activated apps. Select one application and press Options and Disconnect from Drive.

Disconnect apps apps to Google Drive

That’s all!

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You can also revoke access of authorized apps from your Google Plus account to get rid of clutter.

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