BaconReader – A Reddit Based Application for Android

BaconReader could give you the best experience of Reddit which is one of the biggest discussion communities. You might get so many types of knowledge through this forum where anyone could sign up without spending even one cent. Sometimes I also occupy my time on Reddit from my desktop. But this is not yet so easy to handle a profile from a gadget which has not so large screen because Reddit offers so many options for writing or asking a question. Hence, you might face some problems when you will go to sign in to Reddit from mobile phones. After a huge survey, I have stumbled across to an Android application, called BaconReader that has pleased my requirements. Some features of this tool have enticed my consideration entirely.

Actually, BaconReader is available in free of cost and also a paid version (107.72 INR). The free version application is too much helpful for any normal guys when the paid version has more features than previous one.

BaconReader’s features and other details:-

Actually, it has two different parts e.g. before log in and after log in. you will get some normal facilities before logging in. now, you can only select topics and read articles. But if you would like to sign in, you will get some extra features those are offered for desktop version by Reddit. For instance, you can write a text link or text post. And you can also check mails, edit preferences and more. There are also so many settings those are included this app.




According to me, you should at least give it a try so that you can access your Reddit account even when you are using a normal Android device.

Download BaconReader :- Free | Paid

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