Quality or Quantity – Which you prefer for your Blog

Our previous posts have already told you that blogging became passion but this not so perfect for everyone. At first, it will be looking like an easy game but after day by day, you will realize that it is not what you are thinking.

Today I am going to tell you about one more important thing for your blog, which may inspire your blog visitors in a decent way. This script will illustrate you, which are the best between article quality or article quantity.

There are few advantage and disadvantage for these two important facts.

Advantage of high quality article:-

If your article is original and working every time, everywhere, everyone will trust on you and your blog. On the other end, Content is the king everytime. Everyone including Google loves to serve a good content to their users. Thus, you will get more traffic.

Disadvantage of high quality article:-

You cannot write 5-6 high quality articles every day. Therefore, when you just start a blog, you cannot get more page views and hits. Solution: You have to write good articles in starting days. You can reduce post frequency afterwards.

Advantage of quantity:-

If your blog will cover with 100 posts [example] in one month, you will get more page views than the previous one. This is quite good for Alexa ranking. But if you are thinking to improve Alexa ranking, you won’t get a high ranking in SERP.

Disadvantage of quantity:-

If you can do something like the previous example with high quality article, you can increase your blog traffic very soon. Nevertheless, if you do it with fake articles, your visitors do not believe on you. You can lose your direct traffic.

Therefore, you can find that you have to notice all two kinds of article. This is my own review. What is your opinion? Share your valuable idea with us by pasting a comment.

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