How to Open Metro Screen from Desktop in Windows 8

You know that Windows 8 emanates with so many wonderful features those could often help you in innumerable tenacities. A few couple of days ago, Windows 8 got the official twitter metro app. That was a huge achieve for Windows 8. There are also so many applications those might be helpful for you in your regular expenditure. Windows 8 becomes more eye-catching for some different kind of features e.g. Metro screen, Charms bar and more. These two things are totally unavailable for any other operating systems in terms of built-in feature. If you click on bottom left of your screen, you will get the metro screen and it also appears when you start your machine. The Windows key is also used for opening this screen.  But sometimes, we need to do something with both desktop and metro screen. Then we face some problems because we need to press one key more than one time to open either metro screen or desktop. So, to get rid of this problem, here is a simple solution that is going to explain here.

How to open metro screen from desktop?

This is quite easy with ImmersiveTaille which is a portable app for Windows 8. As I just mention that it is a portable software, there is no need to install it on your machine. After running it on your PC, you will come across a screen something like the following picture;

Just choose the position e.g. top, bottom, left side, right side or full screen where from you want to access your metro screen. After choosing, press the Overview button.

There are also two tabs, called Advance and Settings. Press the Advance tab to select the position and height & width.

How to Open Metro Screen from Desktop in Windows 8

From Settings tab, you can set it up in terms of time interval of opening, closing, allow or disallow on startup and more.

How to Open Metro Screen from Desktop in Windows 8

The most impressive option is situated under the Basic tab. Choose Full Screen + Taskbar and click Overview. You can access the metro screen along with taskbar. By default, Windows 8 offers taskbar only when you are on desktop or anywhere else except Metro screen. But this tool will let you give the control over these two things simultaneously.

Download:- ImmersiveTaille V2.0

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