Create Start Menu Toolbar and Programs Toolbar to Get back Partial Start Menu

Though Windows 8 has no built-in Start Menu for users, you can still bring back that button so that you can do something more with your machine. You know that other Windows operating system i.e. Windows XP, 7 have their own start menu button where from you can go to Control Panel or open Accessories to disclose other programs and more. This is a compact pack that is really useful for anyone. And that’s why some new guys might have problems because they have to press Win + X, Win + I, Win + C, Win + F, Win + Q and few couple of other keys to get entire start menu. To get rid of this tiny /huge problem, you have two different solutions.

  1. Bring back Start Menu through any third party software.
  2. Follow the following tutorial.

You know that the Quick Launch bar is also missing from Windows 8 by default but you can also get it back within moments. Today I am going to show you this tweak by which you can add a Start Menu Toolbar in the place of Quick Launch Bar. Today’s script will let you add two kinds of toolbars e.g. Start Menu and Programs. The Start Menu toolbar includes 70% options of default start menu when you might get only 50% options from Programs toolbar.

Create partial Start Menu:-

How to create Start Menu Toolbar on Taskbar?

At first, Right click on taskbar and create new toolbar from Toolbars.

Paste the following line in the empty box that asks folder destination.

%ProgramData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu

Then click Select Folder.

Start Menu Toolbar and Programs Toolbar

That’s all!

How to create Programs Toolbar on Taskbar?

For this, you will again have to create a new toolbar and paste the following line in the empty box and then choose Select Folder.

%ProgramData%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

Start Menu Toolbar and Programs Toolbar

That’s all!

How to remove these toolbars from Taskbar?

Right click on the taskbar and hover your mouse on Toolbars. Then uncheck the Programs /Start Menu toolbar.

Start Menu Toolbar and Programs Toolbar

That’s it!

Source:- Eight Forums

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