Find the Time of Creating a Document through Word 2010

You know that Microsoft has unveiled Office 2010 before a long days and this if one of the best product of Microsoft in terms of Office products. The interface, options are really helpful for anyone. There are so many bloggers and other people who use MS Word to type fast. There are also some reasons for choosing this one. 1. Get Synonyms 2. Word Correction 3. Grammar Correction and more. By making use of this Word you could type faster. But how much time you have been taking to create your document? Do you know that? If you are going to be a typist, you should always care about time. So, there are various options to calculate the estimated time of creating a document. You can use stop watch or here is another way to do the same. There is no need to turn anything on or off. This feature will automatically calculate your time.

How to find the time of creating a document?

At first create your entire document and after finishing it go to Properties.

Switch to Details tab and scroll down. Here you will get a part that says Total editing time. Here from you will get your assessed time.

Find the Time of Creating a Document through Word 2010

That’s all!

<Disc.:- This trick is smoothly working on Microsoft Word 2010. I don’t know whether it is working with other versions of Office or not.>

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