How to Get All Media Files of a Webpage through Firefox

Mozilla is recognized for Firefox, one illustrious and developer version of a computer web browser that often give you every prospect to do everything what a user actually anticipates from a browser. The beta version of Firefox is now obtainable for Google Android and that is roofed by so many dazzling amenities. However, today’s script may perhaps give you a chance to gather every media files mostly images of a specific webpage so that you can upsurge your stock of pictures. And you know that now a days every blogger uses at least one eye-catching picture to get most out of their visitors. So, in these present days, this is very easy to get all media files details without downloading them on your machine or by doing anything else. However, lets get back to this topic where I am talking about get all media files.

You know that there might have so many reasons to download a picture from a webpage. You could add that picture to your own blog post by giving a credit to the original image builder or raise your image assortment or do something else. The calmest way to save a picture from a webpage is just right click on that and then pick the option that says Save image as… You can also make use of screen capture tools to save an image to your machine. But today I am going to show a technique that might turn your attention hurriedly.

How to get all media files of a webpage?

This trick might take 2-3 seconds more but believe me, it will not waste your time. You will get every details i.e. image URL, image size through this technique. So, to give it a try, you should have to open your Firefox browser and then open a specific webpage from that you would like to get all media files. Hence, press the globe button from the left side of the URL and just after that press the More Information button.

Therefore, you will come across to a screen something like the following picture.

Get All Media Files of a Webpage through Firefox

Just navigate to the Media tab to get all media file information.

I think, this little bit of piece could help you very much. How it works for you? Let us know via your comment.

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