Gantter – the Best Online Project Manager with Google Drive Intergration

Gantter is a free web app that let users to manage their projects either by creating through this or by synchronizing with Google Drive. You know that this is very important to schedule your tasks when it could not be possible to remember more and more tasks. I know that there are so many web apps those are working in the same way but some features of Gantter is really helpful and can save your time effectively. You can either use online or sometimes offline tools so get rid of clutter of remembering.

Gantter – Details and Methods of Managing:-

If you are for the first time in Gantter, you have to sign up for a free account. Click here to find what you will get after signing in to Gantter. You can also import Google Docs projects in it.

From the Project tab, you will fond some options i.e. New, New from Template, Open from Gantter, Open from Google Drive, Open from Google Docs (legacy), Import local Gantter file, Import from MS Project, Properties, Share, Refresh, Print (PDF), Print (PNG), Printable (HTML), Save to Gantter, Save to Google Drive and more. I think, I do not have to explain them all because all them are very easy to understand. For example, Open from Google Drive means you have already savd a project in yur Google Drive account and now want to import it in Gantter.

From the View tab, you can easily decorate your project with some options i.e. Zoom IN, Zoom Out, Show Task Names in Chart, WBS Column and more others.

You can also set the calender like what you wish. The number of options are very high and that’s why this is quite impossible to describe it manually. For more information of Gantter can be found from here.

Add Gantter in Chrome.

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