How to Enable or Disable Click to Play in Firefox

Generally, updated version of Firefox doesn’t need a peripheral flash player to play a flash like video inside the browser since it has a built-in flash player and that is adequate to allow or restrict click to play in Firefox. Sometimes it really gives the control over flashes on a webpage or an entire weblog /website. I don’t know whether there is any “Click to Play plugin” for Firefox or not but I recommend you to make use of this tactic that could be possible to finish within moments. Actually after being a tiny tech blogger, I have been recommending built-in tools instead of using addition software or plugins.

Also on other end, Firefox is really a reliable web browser for every kind of people i.e. geeks and nerds, normal guys and for everyone else. The Firefox Android app which released in beta version but still it is outstanding for its overall performance. The desktop version of Firefox has also so many add-ons just like Google Chrome and Opera. But today’s script is little bit different from regular tricks. Today I am going to tech you how to enable or disable Click to flash for Firefox.

What the Click to Play in Firefox actually is?

When you open Youtube to watch a video, it starts automatically after choosing one. Starting a video doesn’t need your permission other than selecting. But if you enable this feature in Firefox, you could start them manually. You will come across to a screen that will ask your permission to start a video. Or suppose, you have opened Versed Tech, obviously I am using videos to give a better experience. So, whenever, you will open my blog after enabling Click to Play in Firefox, you can find a pop-up box like the following picture.

How to Enable or Disable Click to Play in Firefox

How to enable or disable Click to Play in Firefox?

This technique is very easy and not yet so time spender too. At first open the built-in control panel of Firefox. For that, type about:config. If you have already disable the warning message of about:config, you will find all options. But still now if you haven’t disable it, you will find a screen something like the following image.

How to Enable or Disable Click to Play in Firefox

Go forward with that. Hence, make a search for plugins.click_to_play. You can find only one result. By default the value of that result in false when you have to make it ture by toggling. Alternatively, you can also double click on it.

That’a all! After this, you will always find Click to Play in Firefox whenever you will open a website /weblog.

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