GoCodes – the Best Free Affiliate Link Shortener for WordPress

GoCodes: There are so many premium plugins such as Affiliate Ninja that could bring a 301 redirection with your long affiliate links. But if you are a newbie link me and don’t want to buy a premium plugin before at least testing what actually affiliate marketing is, you can easily give GoCodes a try. If you make a search for “Affiliate Marketing Plugin for WordPress”, you might various plugin names but I would like to recommend you this plugin because GoCodes is absolutely free of cost. But there is only one problem with it. The last was last updated on 13th June, 2009 and that’s why it is no longer be maintained by the developers. But this is not a huge problem.

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Why you should use GoCodes or some other plugins like this?

If you are an affiliate marketer, this is known for you that affiliate links are look a huge URL. Something like the following one;

http://affiliate-link-provide.com/~affiliat/cgi-bin/affiliates/clickthru.cgi?id=your username/secret code

Generally, this kind of link might have problems because geeks will not click on such a big URL. They always use and click on small links. And also your reader may think that it a spam link or anything suspicious. So, to get rid of such a problem, GoCodes like plugin is the only solution and you can set it up within a few minutes. After using such a plugin like GoCodes, you can expose your affiliate URLs like below;


How to Setup GoCodes for your Blog?

As I have mentioned that this plugin is not updating by developer since last 4 years, you will not get it it from your WordPress admin panel. You have to download it from here (WordPress plugin directory). After installing it, go to Settings >> GoCodes. Here, you will find a screen something like the following screen snap.

GoCodes - the Best Free Affiliate Link Shortener for WordPress

The URL trigger means the very next part of your customized affiliate URL. For example, if your customized URL is http://yoursite.com/recommended/affiliate-provider-name, the word recommend is called URL Trigger. Make sure that you have checked the Nofollow GoCodes box.

After that navigate to Tools >> GoCodes. Here you will find a screen something like the following image;

GoCodes - the Best Free Affiliate Link Shortener for WordPress

Redirection Key:- Check the above example again. The affiliate-provider-name is called Redirection Key.

Target URL:- Enter your affiliate link here.

You can track your hits by checking the box that says Count this?

After saving your changes, just enter the Redirection Key to anywhere as your affiliate link.

I think, GoCodes will help you very much.

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