Cloakmy – the Best Tool to Send Encrypted Message

As per as the intelligence of modern technology and techniques, it becomes very difficult to protect your own privacy online as well as offline but when it comes to send encrypted message, my choice always go with Cloakmy. Cloakmy is a free web service that could send your private messages to anyone after scrambling. You know that there are so many online and offline tools those could be use for your safety. But be aware from online hacker who can take away your personal account instantly.

However, now a days everyone faces problem by computer hijackers. For hacking, some bloggers have been leaving their blogging journey. Each couple of days, I can see that someone updates a status by mentioning that he /she has lost his /her account by hackers. In these present days, it becomes a daily matter. So, you should always be aware from any kind of suspicious activities inside your every online and also offline profiles.

A few months back, I heard about a Google Chrome extension that could send encrypted mail over Gmail. But now I do not able to pick it out from this web. But during search for that extension, I have come across to a new web service that is called Cloakmy, could also send encrypted message and also organize a secret chatting around your friends. You can send one time message to your friends or there is also two different options to send scheduled message or lifetime message.

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How to send encrypted message using Cloakmy?

You know that everything has a start screen and the following screen could be found as a start screen of Cloakmy.

As I have mentioned that you can send either one time message or scheduled message or lifetime message, the Auto DestructTimes and Never Expire buttons will be worked for that purpose. At first fill up the above form correctly. Take time and enter a strong password and be aware from forgetting that because you have to enter your password only one time. That means you cannot check your password similarity by entering for two times. After completing entire form, press the Send Message button. Now you can find a link on your screen with some texts i.e. Link to read the file : code. Just send it to your friends. Please note that you can send it to your multiple friends only when you have choose Never Expire.

Below the above link, you can find another link to delete your encrypted message. Just go with that URL to delete your message.

I think, this little bit of piece will be helpful for you. How does Cloakmy help you to send encrypted message to your friends?

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