How to Add Search the Internet Option in Windows 7 Start Menu

There may have various methods to enable the search the internet option in Windows operating systems mainly in Windows 7 but I do not know those procedures.

Browsing over internet is not a difficult work but could it be possible to make a search from Start Menu in Windows OS? If someone will ask you such a question, I am quite sure that you will mumble for a few while and after that you will say don’t know but I can try for it. If I am right, then follow this technique b which your answer will come out within moments.

After using over 6 months of using Windows 8, I have not found anything that could attract user attention apart from Charms bar and Metro UI features. On other end, I have been using Windows 7 for last 3 years and one feature of Windows 7 really attracts everyone’s mind. That is Windows search from Start Menu. Though this is also available on Windows XP but it is not yet so popular. Whenever you need any application or anything else, you can make a search for your app and this feature is also available in Windows 8. But still it dumps. However, when you make search for a app in Start Menu search, it will search inside your PC. But sometimes we need something that is not in our PC but we can get it in web. At such like a situation, you can easily add Search the Internet option in this location.

Add Search the Internet Option in Windows 7 Start Menu

How to add Search the Internet option using Group Policy Editor?

At first open your Group Policy Editor and navigate to the following arena;

User Configuration >> Administrative Templates >> Start Menu and Taskbar

Here from pick out the option that says Add Search Internet link to Start Menu

Double click on it and change the settings to Enabled.

Add Search the Internet Option in Windows 7 Start Menu

Make sure your changes.

Add Search the Internet Option in Windows 7 Start Menu

That’s all! Please inform us whether it is working on Windows 8 after installing any start menu or not.

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