Simple Tips to Keep Running Your Android Device

You know that Android is the preeminent mobile OS when there also so many mobile OSs in this market. Some features and its exceptional technology charm everyone’s devotion instantaneously. But to get most out of your humble or any advanced Android device, you ought to pay attention to your gadget. Here are some details of a few couple of tips and applications to keep running your Android device. Some of them were introduced in Versed Tech previously when you could also get some latest tips in this article. So, don’t be fed up and read this entire article before typing in your address bar.

How to boost your Android device?

Go with updated apps:

Yes! You should always update your apps which are installed on your gadget. Those apps may be from built-in or external. To check where an update is available or not, you don’t need any third party tool since Android will check it automatically for you.

Use Antivirus:

Yes, no matter whether you are using a old version of Android or latest version but you should keep your Android device running with a perfect anti-virus. There are tons of anti-viruses e.g. Avast, AVG, McAfee. You can make use of any one. But be aware from fake anti-viruses and clutter creators.

Use Battery savers:

Simple Tips to Keep Running Your Android Device

There is no limit how much time your battery will run smoothly but you must give a battery saver a try so that you can optimize your old or new battery effectively. In this case, you can use anyone from Battery Dr. Saver, Du Battery Saver and Easy Battery Saver. These three apps are most reliable and highly recommended by several websites and developers.

Use Task Killer:

Simple Tips to Keep Running Your Android Device

I don’t want to say to use Task Killer application but I actually want to say that you can use any task killer from Google Play. Actually, your phone might not get some background processes and that’s why you should use a task killer application to get rid of those hidden processes.

[Note:- Choose a task killer that could kill your other running features after a particular time. For that you can make a search for all in one task killer like All in One Toolbox.]

I think, this article will surely help you very much. Do let us know if you have any other idea except these.

Source:- Google Play (Task Killer, Avast, Battery Saver)

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