Twitbin – Acess Twitter from Sidebar in Firefox

Twitbin is a Twitter handler for Firefox that works like Facebook Sidebar. Generally, you can open Twitter by entering from any web browser but you will have to switch to another tab for this. But if you will use Twitbin, you could access your twitter profile from both left and right sidebar of your browser. That means you do not have to go to another tab when you are browsing anything else. Its a good opportunity in order to access your multiple twitter account very quickly.

Since this Twitter sidebar (Twitbin) works smoothly in the latest version of Firefox, there is nothing to worry about in term of supporting. You can find several Twitter browser client for any web browser or for your Android device but apart from those, this Firefox Twitter plugin is working with multi account support. This is a very common matter that there are so thousands of people who use more than one twitter account (one for business, one for personal usage or for any reason). If you belong to those people, I am quite sure that you cannot access your multiple account simultaneously from one browser. AT this situation, this Twitter add-ons will help you to get rid of that problem. You can access your multiple Twitter account via Twitbin in the fastest way.

How to access Twitter using Twitbin?

After adding it to your browser, you can find an additional button beside Home button. Just press it;

Twitbin - Acess Twitter from Sidebar in Firefox

After that you can find a window in your left sidebar which says Add new account. Go with it and enter your twitter log in details;

Twitbin - Acess Twitter from Sidebar in Firefox

After doing so, it will ask you a PIN Code. You can find it on your screen. Just enter the correct PIN and press Add user button.

Twitter from Sidebar in Firefox


After that you can find your account in your left sidebar.

Settings and Preference of Twitbin:

In order to give the maximum advantage, there is a little bit customization choices of this add-on. You can find it after signing in to this.

Sidebar in Firefox

There from you can choose the position of your sidebar or reload time interval and so on.

Other features of Twitbin:

Suppose, you wan to tweet an entire web page or a particular image from a web page. Before using it, you will have to copy that web page URL for tweeting or save the image on your machine. But if you will use Twitbin, yoiu can easily bypassthose old techniques. It will help you to tweet anything from the web from right click context menu of your browser.

Twitbin - Acess Twitter from Sidebar in Firefox

I think, you should give it a try. Twitbin could be grabbed from here.

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