Optimal Battery Saver for Android – Save Your Battery with a Built-in Guide

You know that there are so many useful battery savers for Android operating systems and Optimal Battery Saver is one of them that could aid you by increasing your battery life. You distinguish that we have previously introduced so many battery saver app for Android such like Du Battery Saver, Easy Battery Saver. Though there is no doubt that those come with more features than Optimal battery Saver but new users might face trouble due to lack of a guide. There is a built-in guide that will help you to get most out of this app for your device. You can set ii up after knowing everything about what you are going to do or what will happen by enabling or disabling an option. So, after considering this, we are now going to tell you something more about this battery saver.

Optimal Battery Saver – details and settings:-

There are two kinds of settings i.e. simple settings for newbies and Advanced settings for experts. As usual, Advanced Settings comes with more features than Simple settings. From Simple Settings, you can on or off this tool and choose network type i.e. WIFI, Mobile Internet or automatic.

But from Advanced Settings, you can set it up in different conditions. For example, if you want to disconnect your data connection when your phone is locked, you can do it from here. Or if you want to run this application or the restrictions by this application for a few while, you can choose the time interval right from Advanced Settings.

There are also so many options inside this. I think, you can understand all those after using it. You can grab Optimal Battery Saver from here.

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