Battery Stats – Another Fabulous Android App to Check Different Usage

If someone desires for a complete guide that would give that person each details of different kind of usage such like Sensor

usage, Battery Usage, Wake Usage, CPU Usage, GPS Usage, Network Usage and more, I would put forward you to use Battery Stats.

We have formerly introduced some well-performed apps such as Du Battery Saver, Easy battery Saver and more. But

today we counsel you to give Battery Stats a try. You know that Android Market is being developed after each day and that’s why Google Play gets thousands of apps for different category. Battery Stats is quite better than any other tools which is similar its category.

It will show you every app details in terms of how many energy it takes or it is taking from your battery. Actually, this is very important to get all these details since Google Play has been getting useful application as well as battery killing apps. This is different matter that smart gadgets do not run for a long time after charging for once but you should still be concerned with those apps. Your battery may be damaged for those within a few couple of days. To get rid of that problem, you can use Battery Stats.

Let’s take a look on Battery Stats:-

After opening it on your Android device, you will come across to the following screen;

Battery Stats

If you want to get CPU Usage, you have two options. You can get it by navigating 5 pages or you can also press the Battery Usage button to quickly go to there.

Battery StatsAccording to us, this little info can help you very much.

Download Battery Stats:- Free | Paid

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