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This is a common matter that you will get so many name in order to Antivirus in Google Play but if you are using Android 4.0+, I would highly recommend you to use Zoner Antivirus which is free of cost as well as it has so many features such as Anti-malware detector, Secure Message, Apps & permissions, Task Manager and more others. Though it is also available in paid version but you can try it for free too.

You know that now a days, every where you can find the effect of hijackers and they may do hijack everything via internet. So, whenever you are using a smart device for internet, you should have a activated and working antivirus. If you are talking about computers then it is quite easy to choose a good antivirus as there are so many tool such as Kaspersky, Avast, Norton and more. But when it comes to smart phone then you should examine that antivirus minutely because the antivirus might be from any hacker. For Android, Google Play also offers some good anti-malware detector such like Avast and others. I have used that in past days and I have been using Zoner Antivirus for past few days. It is quite better than others.

Which features belong to Zoner Antivirus?

Actually, when you will install t on your Android device, it will automatically scan your entire gadget for malware. Hence, you will get a result that might be looking like the following one;

Zoner Antivirus

This screen will give you a basic knowledge about your security. However, the features are illustrated below;

  • Anti-malware and built-in guide to get protected
  • Password protected message option
  • Phone Filtering – block unwanted calls as per as self-made filter
  • Missing device – Find your lost device
  • Apps & Permissions – Know more about the permissions that has been given to different installed apps
  • Task Manager – Manage your Apps and close them

How does Zoner Antivirus protect your device?

I have already told you everything in terms of features. Anyway now I am going to illustrate them more effectively.

After full scanning your device, you will get a screen something like the following picture;

Zoner Antivirus

Here from, you can do anything. For example, if you want to kill an app, just go to Task Manager. There you will get all running apps. But be aware because it will also show all built-in app too. So, you should take care of them as your might be in trouble after closing a built-in running feature.

Zoner Antivirus

In the Phone Filtering tab, you can create your own black list. Suppose, you don’t want to receive someone’s call or SMS, at this situation you can use it.

Zoner Antivirus

I think, this little bit of piece in enough for now. If you have any other query, feel free and ask us.

Download Zoner Antivirus:- For Mobile | For Tablet

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