Free Online Tool to Convert PDF file to PPT

Free PDF to PowerPoint Conversion Online is an excellent service that allows users to hurriedly convert their presentations saved in PDF to their original MS PowerPoint format. The tool proved to be popular with teachers, students, project managers and all kinds of presenters who are frequently looking for ways to boost their productivity using free online tools.

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When you and other people should convert PDF file to PPT?

  • If you need to create a presentation on a subject that you already researched before and have a similar presentation archived in PDF that you want to rehash, you would convert the old PDF presentation to PowerPoint and edit it to adapt it to your new topic.
  • When your colleague, boss or professor shares a presentation with you in PDF that you want to edit a little, you would again need to convert it to PPT in order to modify it, which you will easily accomplish using the free online PDF to PowerPoint converter.
  • Teachers who want to integrate technology into their teaching methods like this free PDF to PPT tool because children can easily learn how to use it. It helps them practice file conversion and comparing different document formats.

PDF to PPT converter’s strongest features are that it is simple to use, very quick, reliable, installation-free and totally free of charge. Also, a single user can convert as many files as he or she wants.

Here you’ll see how easy it is to use the PDF to PPT converter:

1)       Go to the tool’s page here.

2)      Upload your presentation in PDF.

3)      Provide a valid email address.

4)      Click “Start!” and wait a few seconds to receive an email with a link to download your editable PowerPoint presentation.

The provider of this nifty PDF to PPT conversion service deletes all emails and documents within 24 hours of receiving them, so you don’t need to worry about protecting the privacy of your personal and business information.

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