Why Google Keep is the Best Thought Capturing App /Service

You know that Google have unveiled Google Keep, a Google Drive based note taking application mainly for Android. There are also so many tools that could do the same thing in terms of working but those are not similar to this service /product by Google. So, to get started this argue, I would like to provide a small prologue of Google Keep.

Introducing Google Keep:-

Google Keep is one of the thought capturing aka note taking app for Android and service for computers. I mean you can use this tool from both Android device and computer since its got the Google Drive synchronization. But you can also prevent this synchronization from your mobile.

Wherever you can go but if you have only an Android gadget, you can simply capture any note with picture. The note taking feature will be handier if you are companionable with voice input. Generally, busy people got helped from this tool of Google as some of them were facing tribulations for after getting elapsed.

Why Google Keep is so famous and the best note taking app?

I think, I have already given you two reasons. However, let’s ensure them all once more.


You know that if someone who is very famous will create a normal thing, that will be very much eminent when if I will make the same thing, all people will called me fool (they will not care me) as I am not famous. And the same phenomenon has been happening with Google Keep since it belongs to Google, the web giant.

Keep it online storage:

You know that all notes from Google Keep will be set aside in Google Drive. You cannot find any corresponding file or folder in Google Drive but you can access them at https://drive.google.com/keep/ this arena. So, if you once synchronize your notes with Google Keep from your Android device, there is no chance to lose them in future until you are not removing.


Easy to use, picture integration, voice input, archive box are the main features of this service. By making use of them, you can easily create a note with a related picture so that you can keep in mind everything.

I think, these conditions will help Google Keep to be trendier.

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