How to Permanently Disable Private Browsing in Firefox [Firefox Extension]

Firefox add-ons are really helpful and today’s add-on will help you to disable private browsing for ever. As I have mentioned that an expert could re-enable the private browsing season in Firefox, I will not show you how to do so since it is under hacking aka cracking. And Google do not like such like a script which includes a hacker knowledge. Although, you know that Firefox rolled out with an update¬† but there is nothing to worry in terms of available or unavailable. I would like to tell you that you can use this Firefox add-on in the latest version of your Firefox browser.

Firefox also covers with so many well-functioned add-ons those are written by third party developers or makers. They are really genius if you are talking to compare it with other browsers. Moreover, every web browser has two seasons i.e. normal and private.

What is Normal Season?

Normal Season is nothing but it tracks all your browsing history, cookies and more. Whenever, you will browse something from the Normal Season, your activities will be reserved in History page.

What is Private Season or Browsing?

disable private browsing

This is just opposite of normal Season or browsing. If you browse something in Private season (Incognito Mode in Chrome), your browser will be unable to keep you tracking. You can browse anything to prevent others from seeing your personal browsing history.

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What will happen to Disable Private Browsing in Firefox?

I would like to tell it in Pros and Cons mode.


You can check what your kid does in your absence with your PC. If he /she does anything wrong with Firefox, you can track that.


Whenever, you want to browse something privately, you cannot do that.

How to Disable Private Browsing in your browser?

This is one of the easiest job with the help of this add-on. Just add it in your browser. Hence, whenever you or anyone will go to open a private browsing tab, the following error message will be appeared.

Error Message

That’s all! Hope this guide will help you a lot.

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