Android Assistant – Get Most Out of Your Android Device

There might have more than a few Android apps those could optimize your phone from A to Z but I would indorse you to use Android Assistant since it has almost

every kind of supports. You can do whatever in order to save battery, create backup & restore, batch install, bulk uninstall and more. Android Assistant comes in two different versions i.e. free version and paid version which is add-free.

I have previously give you all kind info of numerous Android apps those can aid you in different circumstances with their full determination. But today’s application and review is little bit different from them since it is an ultimate package of system optimization. You know that Android is an advantageous mobile operating system indeed which has almost all kind of apps. You can do anything with your Android device. For example, you can use your computer data connection, share your built-in applications and so on.

Meet Android Assistant. It actually has 18 different features. [Features are demonstrated below]

  1. Check CPU, Memory and Battery usage
  2. Quick boost under Process Manager
  3. Cache Manager
  4. Ringer Manager
  5. Battery Optimization
  6. System Info finder
  7. Bulk Install
  8. Batch Uninstall
  9. Startup App manager
  10. Volume Control
  11. File Manager
  12. Startup Silent
  13. Widget
  14. App 2 SD
  15. Apps backup & restore
  16. Battery settings
  17. System settings
  18. Process Manager

Let’s get started with Android Assistant:-

By default (permanently) is has three different tabs i.e. Monitor, Process and Tools. In the Monitor tab, you can find the every kind of info of CPU, Ram, Battery, Phone Storage, and External Storage. There are also two useful buttons aka options those say Quick Boost and System Clean. Those options do what they say.

Android Assistant

In the Process tab, you will come across to all your running processes or apps. The list will be included also your build-in system processes too. As usual, you can kill them in bulk by selecting.

Android Assistance

The Tools tab has the other options. It has the following tools;

  1. Volume Control
  2. Ringer
  3. System Clean
  4. File Manager
  5. Batch Installer
  6. Batch Uninstall
  7. Startup Manager
  8. Bttery Use
  9. System Info
  10. App 2 SD
  11. App Backup & Restore
  12. Permission

Android Assistance

Each option does just what it says. For example, if you want to do something crazy with your system volume, you can go with the Volume Control tab. In this way, it app can be your attendant to use an Android device appropriately.

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