How to Get Back Quit Button in Firefox 20 for Android

This is a common matter that if you open keep open a program in your Android device or any other device, your gadget will be slow down after day by day. To compete with this phenomenon, I have already introduced so many apps such like Super Optimize, Optimal Battery Saver and more others. Apart from using those apps your device also could be saved by following simple tips. You can put your phone in charge after switching off, close a particular application or features when you don’t need it anymore and so on.

In this case, I also want to show you one tip which will help you to quit a program that is called Firefox for Android. The newest version (V 20.0) of Firefox for Android removed the Quit button from the browser. I think this feature has been removed from Android 4.0 (ICS) and later version of Android. I also think that I don’t have to say what does this Quit button do as you know that Quit button does what it says. But if you are not using this trick, you cannot stop your browser. Though there is another method to stop it but that is little bit time spender because you will have to do it from your Settings. After considering this process in order to stop something, you can follow this technique to get back Quit button and stop your browser.

How to get back Quit button in latest version of Firefox?

Meet QuitNow. It’s a Firefox add-on which is available for Android platform. By default the option /menu looks like the following picture;

Get Back Quit Button

But after installing it in your browser, you can fine an additional Quit button in that same option /menu of your browser.

Get Back Quit Button

I think, this add-on will help you very much.

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