How to make your Blog faster – BlogSpot guide

In Google blogger, it is not so tough to decrease the page loading time when it is byzantine to do the same thing if you are using WordPress for your blog.

Why you should reduce/improve page-loading time?

Suppose, you are searching for a PC solution on Google and obviously, you will get tons of results according to your keyword. Let’s say, you have clicked the first link on first page to get the solution. But now you are waiting for a long time when the page loads fully. But after few time, you will lose your hope and close the tab certainly. That’s bring a bad experience even when that page is coming to the first place.

So, you need to reduce page loading time. Google also loves a blog which has less page loading time.

How to reduce page-loading time in Google Blogger/BlogSpot?

Actually, you have to do it from the very first day of your blog. However, it is a real fact that more than 80% bloggers do not know what the impact of this loading time is. Therefore, they do not take any step. Nevertheless, if you want to do so, I hope this post will help you very much.

Theme/Template and design:

If you take my guidance, I always suggest you to use a white blogger template. For this, you can use those simple blogger themes, other third party sites and so on. Do not use any other external theme because those themes’ programs are very complicated. they cover with very long java scripts.

Java scripts:

Java scripts and CSS give your blog a fantastic look which attracts readers. But those codes (Java Scripts) increase the page loading time. So, keeping this in mind you have to use those codes as less as possible.


This is must that you have to use email subscription box, search box, related post widget and so on. But do not use any extra widget like Robot Chat Box, Calendar, Picture/Slideshow Widget and many others like these.


This is really very important to reduce page loading time of your BlogSpot or WordPress blog. You can use my tips as well as different online page loading time checkers like GTmetrix, Pingdom etc.

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