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PDFtoEXCEL is one of the best ways to convert a normal PDF file into Excel Spreadsheet. You know that there are so many methods or tools to convert a file from one format to any other format. I have previously introduced Zamzar and other tools to convert file extension.

Generally, PDF files are the best format in order to encrypt a file. On other hand, Excel is another tool which allows users to save file in .xlsx or .xls and this tool could be used in several purposes. The most interesting thing is that you can also use it as a free SEO tool (Though I am not sure how this is possible but I have heard it a Facebook group). Considering all these when it comes to convert a PDF file into Excel spreadsheet, you will must take the help of a third party tool which will do it within moments. But I have seen that most of times, you cannot get a proper tool at that moment.

But PDFtoEXCEL can solve your problem within a few seconds. The features are facilities are mentioned below;

  • High quality conversions with formats preserved even for large, scanned tables, and no need for further editing.
  • Files of up to 40MB can be uploaded and converted quickly.
  • All uploaded user data, including emails, is deleted in accordance with our privacy policy.
  • Everything is free.

How to convert PDF file to Excel spreadsheet using PDFtoEXCEL?

Though it is very easy to do but still these following steps can help you for the first time. Actually, you can do it within two steps. Go to the homepage of PDFtoEXCEL and in the first step, you will have to upload your PDF file and in the next step, you will need to enter your email id.


Please enter a valid email id. This web service will send an email which will include the download link of your converted file.

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