10 Games for iPhone Your Children Like Playing

Here is a list of the ten greatest iPhone games for your children. The games are aimed at children as young as three years old, with some of them even being suitable for children up to starting High School age. The games are all puzzle or challenge based, and some of them are not the most educational in the world. But they are all wholesome (i.e. no bad influences) and all of them are engaging enough to maintain the child’s attention. The list is in no particular order because all of the games have their own flaws and pros.

Let’s check those games:-

1 – My School Dance

If your little girl is in, or getting close to, high school then this may be the game for her. The aim of the game is to do little mini games in order to save up money for the prom. Several mini games allow the girl to earn credit within the game. The credit (money) is earned with mostly tapping games, and is then spent at the mall. Once the money is all spent up, then the child heads off to the mall, where she may be named prom queen. The little girls who are looking forwards to the stereotypical movie high school may enjoy this game, whereas girls who are not interested in proms will show no interest. After the first year of high school, your child may be too grounded to enjoy the fantasy in this app/game.

2 – Elmo Loves ABCs

This is a Sesame Street based game for the kids who like Elmo. The game teaches young children their ABCs I in the usual Sesame Street fashion with songs, games and recitation. They have lots of different game modes and productions to help the child learn his or her ABCs.

3 – Sonic and All-Stars Racing

10 Games for iPhone Your Children Like Playing

This is a racing game with Sonic the Hedgehog and a few other SEGA stars. The game does not have the difficulty curve the previous incarnations of a similar ilk have had, and is still suitable for use by children. In each little car is one of the SEGA characters and you have to race around the course trying to win. The racer may pick up upgrades that will either help the racer to speed up, or to be used against other racers in the game.


The main star is called Whyatt and he takes his “Super Reader” friends on a journey. The journey involves lots of games where each of the friends has a role to play. The app is supposed to help a child learn and read. It has lots of problems for a three to six year old to solve. If your kids are already fans of the SUPER WHY! game then they will probably enjoy this game.

5 – Thomas & Friends

With this app, your child has to do a few tasks and puzzles with Thomas the Tank Engine. The puzzles are very easy and there is plenty of bold colors and graphics to entertain your children. The puzzles can be set to hard or easy. They may not be educational, but are engaging and well presented enough to keep your child interested.

6 – Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique

10 Games for iPhone Your Children Like Playing

This game allows your child to play “dress up” but with sprites on a game as opposed to on themselves. This is a Disney game where the children visit Pixie Hollow and set up a small Fairy store where they design outfits for their customers. The child is asked to customize their character/sprite firstly, and this is the one who runs the store. The child may then customize the boutique or store. As the children customize their store and stock and make new outfits, they earn Pixie Dust. The dust may be spent in order to unlock newer levels. The game is fairly inoffensive, as many of the Disney, related games are. Don’t worry, this game has nothing in common with the fashion ala Bratz (this is Disney but Bratz are by MGA Entertainment).

7 – Bubble Mania

This is a colorful balloon popping game, except that it is aimed at children. Even despite its colorful graphics and animations, you may have to wean your child onto this game. The problem is not that the game is not engaging, and not that it is not easy, it is because pleasure is derived from winning a little bit. Adults will soon experience the feeling that they are beating the game, but children will take a little bit longer.

8 – House Pest starring Fiasco the Cat

This is a game featuring a virtual cat that kids can play with. The cat in question is fond of getting in trouble and the child playing must help the cat get out of trouble. The game is very bright, colorful, and engaging for children. The game is full of simple and child friendly puzzles with large colorful graphics. Some of the games are against the clock, whilst others are memory games. The games are mildly educational, but mildly beats “not at all”, and the games are engaging enough to keep most children occupied for a little while.

9 – Draw Along with Stella and Sam

This is based on a book and follow the story of two protagonists. The child is able to draw away to his or her heart’s content whilst solving creative problems. The story is driven by the child completing tasks. The game is still a little bit educational and is not as restrictive, or black and white, as other games.

10 – My Horse

The target audience are young girls, most of whom are programmed to want a pony at some point. This is a virtual game where the little girl is given a pony and tasked with taking care of it. The better that the horse is cared for, then the more tasks and abilities become available for the child to try. The child is expected to care for the animal, except that time is sped up significantly so that things such as sleep deprivation and malnutrition may set in quite quickly.

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