Top 4 Windows 8 Apps for News [Available in Windows App Store]

You know that Windows 8 is the latest version of Windows Operating System family which is provided by Microsoft, the biggest software company in this world. Their last operating system has so many built-in features those are counted as additional features because these are not available in other versions of Windows.

Now a days, everything becomes smoother windows technology. In these days, no one reads newspaper as there are various apps and websites those could compete with all newspapers. But choosing a right website /news app is not yet so easy because they can provide you wrong information. But today we are going to give some details about top 4 news apps those are reliable as well as they can give you almost every kind of news.

Let’s check top 4 Windows 8 apps for news:-

CNN App for Windows:

Top 4 Windows 8 Apps for News

This is one of the best apps that has been developed with Metro UI for Windows 8. You can get each current updates of tech, entertainment, politics, international and more from the live tile as well as you can follow iReporters and their view of various stories. It comes with not so heavy options but still it will be useful for you if you are a core Windows 8 user.

Pulse News:

Top 4 Windows 8 Apps for News

You know that we have previously introduced Pulse News as the best Google Reader alternative and today it will be introduced as a Windows 8 application that comes with Metro user interface. It allows users to sign in either Facebook or Email. We like it for its outstanding looks. The news aka articles appear as a tile style. You can also add your favorite blog(s) in this news app.

CNet News:

Top 4 Windows 8 Apps for News

You know that CNet is one of the largest blog or website that offers free and paid software download. Their authors also write about latest news, how-to guides about web, mobiles, computers, OS and more others. Though you can get all those updates right from their website but if you want to read them in a great visual effect, you can try the CNet News app that has been developed by the developers for Windows 8.

Appy Geek:

Top 4 Windows 8 Apps for News

Appy Geek is such a brilliant news app that is obtainable for Android Smartphone, Android Tablet, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and Windows 8. You can get every kind of news and how-to guide of various topics those are published on different blogs such as Gizmodo, TechRadar, The Next Web, T3 Magazine and more.

I think these four software could help you to read your morning newspaper from your Windows 8 PC. Which app do you like? Feel free and do let us know.

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