Introducing the Official Android App of Android Authority

You know that Android Authority is one of the best Android blog which covers with so many tutorials and news of Google Android. Moreover, I am a daily reader of this blog /website. There are numerous brilliant and skilled script writers behind this blog. Undoubtedly, reading an article from browser is the greatest thing and you will get the most user experience when these “experience” is occupied if you are reading an article from an app. But an application of corresponding blog is the fastest way to read an article. Any app is faster than normal browser because it doesn’t hold cookies, cache and few other things. Rendering to me, every Android blog has their own app in Google Play Store.

However, let’s check the official Android app of Android Authority:-

The app is absolutely free of cost and it comes with a brilliant UI. They has separated all the articles from videos and episodes. That means you can read what you want. There is no need to pick out either article or video or episode. After starting it on your device, you can find a screen something like the following picture;

Official Android App of Android Authority

Just press the arrow so that you can disclose all the options those are included in this app.

Official Android App of Android Authority

Here from you can choose article /video /episode. The more interesting thing is that you can save any article as a bookmark (Here it is called Starts).

Suppose, you are reading an article and you want to share it with friends. At this situation, you can press the Share button rather than copy from the blog.

Official Android App of Android Authority

The next button of Share button can be used to make an article favorite. Generally, any blog could not produce 100 of 100 interesting articles. I don’t know what people think and how people use this feature but I would like to say that if you do not like an article, you can delete that from the regular list. For, you will need to tap on an article for a few moments. Hence, you will get the options regarding to remove.

Official Android App of Android Authority

Another interesting thing is that it will notify you whenever a new article /video will publish. I think, this little bit of piece is enough for now. Hope, it will help you a lot.


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