Opera Mini VS. Firefox – Which is Better [Review and Comparison for Android OS]

This comparison between Opera Mini and Firefox will let you decide which is better than other one. You know that there are so many web browsers i.e. Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera Mobile, Dolphin those are available in Google Play but you should always choose the best browser. If you ask someone casually about the title, he /she will tell you obviously Opera Mini as it is faster than others or even I would like to say that it the fastest browser for Android. But it not good for every condition. Sometimes come when you should switch to other browser from current one. But we cannot select a browser for a particular situation because we could determine the situation. But if you follow my review and comparison, you can easily find out that explicit time.

I have been using both of them for last few months. Even, I have been using Opera Mini before Firefox. Still I remember that when I had a Nokia Symbian mobile and UC Browser and Opera Mini were the two best browsers. But now I am on Android and I can use different browsers. Anyway, before starting the assessment you ought to know about the key features of those browsers.

Features and Review of Opera Mini:-

Opera Mini could load a page in ht e fastest time interval. No matter you are using 2G or 3G or Wi-Fi connection for internet but it will always give you a user friendly result. But the download speed is little bit (sometime very) low when compare with other browsers.

Opera Mini

It comes with very less options and no additional add-ons as well. You can easily set it up and also delete browsing history within moments.

Features and Review of Firefox:-

Firefox is from Mozilla family and it comes with two different user results i.e. Desktop Mode and Mobile Mode. If you select Desktop Mode, it will automatically load the desktop version of your sites. But it doesn’t work in every time.


For example, if you open VersedTech.Org either from Desktop Mode or from Mobile mode, you will get the same result as I am not using any plugin to give the mobile UI to mobile readers. But if someone is using or if any blog /site has the option to switch to Desktop mode from Mobile Mode, this Firefox feature will work smoothly. You can also install third party plugins. As a reference, I have told you how to get back the Quit button in Firfox 20.0.1 using an add-on. There are also so many features and other options inside this browser.

So, which browser should you choose?

  1. If you want to get your pages in the fastest way, you can use Opera Mini.
  2. If you want to install add-ons and get other user experience, you can use Firefox.
  3. The Quit button is almost there is Opera Mini when you need to install an add-on to get it in Firefox. In this view, Opera Mini wins this point.
  4. Firefox has an option to download any webpage in PDF when it is unavailable in Opera Mini.
  5. You can directly save a bookmark in your Homescreen by making use Opera Mini when this option is unavailable in Firefox.
  6. You can read a page without any clutter, in Couch mode from Firefox but you cannot get it in Opera Mini.
  7. You can quickly add any page in Speed Dial in Opera Mini but in Firefox you can bookmark any page. But it will be quite time spender for Firefox.
  8. You can browser any site in Private Mode from Firefox but there is no similar option in Opera Mini.
  9. You can use Master Password to prevent anyone from using your browser but if you will use Opera Mini, you cannot use any feature such like this.
  10. You can import date from other browser to Firefox but opera mini doesn’t allow this.

Final Word:

From my view, Opera Mini gets 4 out of 10 when Firefox get 6 out of 10. But I will not force you to use a particular browser. May be, Opera Mini is better than Firefox in your view. So, use them both for 3 days and then decide which one is giving better performance in your Android device.

So, which browser do you recommend to others? Let us know via comment.

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