Celebrity Birthday for Android – the Easiest Way to Find Date of Birth of any Celebrity [Review]

Celebrity Birthday comes is two different versions i.e. free and paid. But there is not any superior difference between these two versions. You can do everything on both but the paid version is ad-free and it has a widget with today’s birthday. Though it comes with so lees options but you will not get disappointed as it a compact version.

When you can use Celebrity Birthday?

As Celebrity Birthday allows you to search birthday either by date or by name. Suppose, Selena Gomez is your favorite celebrity but you do not know what her date of birth is. Or suppose your date of birth is 19th January and you want to see how many celebrities are celebrating their birthday on your own. At this situation, you can get her date of birth effortlessly by making use of this application. It will help you to find the birthday of Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities.

How to find the birthday using Celebrity Birthday?

You will get the following image after opening it on your device;

It gives two options i.e. Birthdays by Date and Birthdays by Name. Now, you will need to select how you want to find birthday. If you choose Birthdays by Date, you will need to select date from the scroll menu.

Or if you want to find birthday by name, just go to the next tab and start to type the name. it will also show you an instant preview.

Celebrity Birthday for Android


Or, if you want to find birthdays on 20th November by staying on 1st May, just go to Options and select Go to Date. Hence, you will have to select a date.

Celebrity Birthday for Android


That’s it! I think this app will help you a lot.

Download Celebrity Birthday:- Free Version | Pro Version

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