RAMbo – Another Internal Memory Management App for Android

You know that there are so many apps those are similar in term of RAMbo but I am sure that their working method and quality are little bit lower than this. RAM is an in-built object which cannot be touched but it is the most important part of any advanced gadget i.e. high end mobile device, computer etc. It carries a small memory but that small memory is very high for any device which includes RAM. Generally, every mobile device has this thing and some of the devices have a lower RAM than regular. In those devices, if you install a lot of software aka apps, your mobile might be slow down than usual. That’s why you should use a memory optimizer because you cannot treasure every process that is running in background.

Why you should use a RAM Booster or Memory Optimizer?

There might have tons of reasons but today I am going to show you the basic and most-happened reasons.

Battery- Killer apps:

What do you think that only “Force Stop” button is adequate to stop an app or process? No. You are absolutely erroneous. You know that every Android device has Facebook app and this is the most famous battery killer. This is a common matter that most of people play games on their smart device. And generally, they play Racing type games and Action type game. As I have played them previously, I am 100% sure that Action Games are more harmful than Racing or any other kind of games. Because they take a lot of memory and after uninstalling, their junk files will be there in your phone (Generally in SDcard).

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Memory Management:

Apart from dealing with batter killers, all RAM boosters work on your internal memory and external memory as well. Some of them can erase all junk files those have taken the memory deprived of doing nothing.

However, let’s check what does RAMbo do?

Actually, it will stop every running and harmful process of your mobile device. It is divided in two different parts.


The first part, Memory Management will manage your memory by stopping unnecessary apps and processes. Just go to there and press the Quick Optimize button.


Otherwise, you can also check your processes by tapping either on Red arena or on Green arena. The second part, Running Processes will show you every running apps those are killing your battery in your absence.  To kill an app, just tap on that and you will get option.


But it doesn’t come with a huge list of options. It has only four options those may be helpful for you.


I think this little bit of piece is enough for now. Hope it could expunge your memory glitches.

Download Rambo:- Lite Version | Pro Version

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