How to Get the Source Page of Any Site from Mobile using Firefox [From Mobile]

You know that Mozilla Firefox is such a web browser which comes with so many add-ons and most of the add-ons are so trustworthy and today’s tutorial helps you to get the source code which comes from the source page of any web page. You know that Firefox is a battle winning browser which is available for both computers and mobiles (Android). <In my previous article, I have described how and why Firefox is better than Opera Mini.> though I compared that only with one browser, you can relate it through any other browser and I am little bit assured that it will win.

What is Source Page of a webpage?

Source page is such a page which contains all the codes (For BlogSpot based sites) and some important plugin and theme names (For WordPress based sites) those are used by that particular page.

How does it benefit BlogSpot bloggers?

Though it is not legal, you can still copy a particular code of a specific widget. Or even you can copy the entire template of any BlogSpot theme.

How does it benefit WordPress bloggers?

You can do what I have just stated in above lines. But you cannot copy the theme code right from source page because WordPress is very much developed than BlogSpot. But you can come to know the name of few plugins those are used by that particular blog /site.

[Note:- We do not recommend /suggest /force you to do such like that in order to get a premium template or widget. Instead of this, you can ask the admin of that blog to tell or give you the name or template or anything else. You cannot blame us if you face any problem after copying anything.]

Generally, the source page could be grabbed by typing view-source:(URL of a page). But most the mobile web browsers do not open this page and bypass it by displaying an error page or server down page. But this guide is depending on an add-on and it will work definitely.

How to get the source page using Firefox?

Meet View Source Mobile which will do it within moments. Just add it in your browser. Hence, open any web page and go to Menu. Then select View Source.

get the source page

That’s all!


I don’t know whether it will work on Right click disabled blog or not.

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