Secure Emails against Malicious Attacks

In this techno business era, email security is not superfluous. It is mandatory to have email security. So you would not have to suffer loss in business. This security can make you able to create reliable customer relationship by avoiding spam mail. You can have check on security of information that secret information is not leaking out. Lack of this security will let your business get affected by spam email.

You can have check on the security and integrity of your precious data. Lack of security of email server will affect your system getting affected by any virus and malicious attack. So in this scenario, productivity of your business can come to lower level and your business will at stake of losing the following:

  • Cooperate  reputation
  • Confidentiality
  • Information integrity

So, if you are facing this scenario and looking for some reliable means to secure your email, there is no need to worry. Ascertia can help you out by rendering you our exceptional services of secure email server. By attaining these services you can secure your email process.

With Ascertia you can remove the need to deploy redundant software for security. You can also remove the need to re-configure your existing email clients or there will also be no need to educate the end users that what kind of local security features can be used and how to use it.

One more thing, it is difficult for end users to determine that a document can be trusted or not. This determination depends on configuration of local application and yes the users also have to make sense of technical messages. In order to get rid of all complexities mentioned above, you can make your system easy to use by implementing excellent services of secure email server.

The ADSS secure email server is secure MTA server that drops in your current mail infrastructure to automatically verify signed emails and attachments. Rules are specified to govern how to pave the path for emails that fails to verify or you can say emails that fail to be trusted. So, in this way only trusted emails are sent to intended recipient.

You can rely on Ascertia for its ADSS secure email server but we also want to justify that why should you use our services. You can build trust on Ascertia because they provide you solutions systematically. This server provides you effectual signing of emails and /or attachments. So, there is again no need to reconfigure current email clients or educate end user about complexities of technology and it frees you of the need for separate MTA software.

Flexible filtering also facilitates this procedure. This set up is based on type of attachments so only specified emails are processed. Once email is found to match with this filtering process then it is sent to processing engine so that these filtered emails can be further signed or verified. This process is also done for attachments or attached documents.

Feel comfortable to get secure email server services and you can protect your business by getting most reliable services.

This guest post was written by Anna Stacy who has in-depth knowledge and experience of secure email server  solutions. Check out our guest post guidelines to publish your post on Versed Tech.

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