How to Improve Alexa Ranking of Your Blog [Case Study]

I know that you have already checked my blog’s Alexa Ranking or you are on the way to check that after reading the headline. Anyway, there is no need to check that as I would happy to say it/share it with you. My blog holds 81k in global ranking and 9k+ in Country ranking (mainly in India) [On 14th May 2013.]. And you are thinking that “Lol, this technique won’t work because this blog itself has not so good ranking.” Isn’t? But believe me, if I am not wrong, my blog’s rank was like around 137k before 1 month. Now, you should think about the difference between those ranking (Current one and one month before). I did something and my blog is now standing on 81k. I have decreased 56k in one month. [Check my current Alexa Rank at here.]

Here is my 30 days (Approx) survey which let me improve my blog ranking effectively. You know that when you have just started blogging, Alexa gives you above 10 million rank and they do not give any country rank in starting. But after day by day, when you have been writing articles to attract readers, Alexa gives a better rank according to their count method.


Why /When does Alexa ranking matter?

  • Though there are also some people who do not consider Alexa ranking as a huge aspect for a blog but there are also some people who do care Alexa ranking as a big factor to determine whether a blog is reliable or not. As a reference, suppose someone makes a search for “How to Improve Alexa Ranking” in Google and as a daily matter, he/she will get tons of guides (Some people say it Secret). Most of the people will believe a guide which has been written on a high profile blog rather than a low quality blog. And How They Determine A Blog Quality? Obviously by checking the Alexa Ranking. So, to create trust on an article, you should improve your Alexa ranking.
  • This is common fact that every newbie wants to do guest post on a high quality blog so that he/she can get a high PR backlink. And it is one of the main reasons which for you are not getting guest authors for your blog. For instance, when my blog rank was 137k, I got 2-3 guest posts in a week but now when my blog rank is 82k, I am getting 2-3 guest posts requests in each day.
  • Generally, everyone (Mainly advertisers) wants to put their ad on a high ranking blog so that he/she could grab more visitors. After considering it, you should improve your Alexa ranking to grab the attention of advertisers. Just take it as an example that I have got already 12-13 ad requests for my blog when I do not accept direct advertising.

So, after considering all those above things, I am sure that you want to know the method. Actually, this method is not a black hat method. Alexa itself says the method to every bloggers and you just need to do what it says. If you have previously read any other guide, I am sure that you must founded some words like “Content is the king”. Isn’t? Actually, I don’t want to say that it not wrong. But do you ever think why Content is the king to improve Alexa ranking? I think your answer is no. Ok, I will tell you. Actually, they give the priority to content because Good Contents Help you to Attract more visitors and Alexa Ranking depends on number of traffic from Search Engines. Apart from their guides, you should also follow my personal guide that helped me very much.

So, what I did to improve Alexa ranking?

Actually, I didn’t do nothing special or spend a cent to any company or service in order to improve my ranking. It took only less than 10 minutes to do everything. Just go to and claim your site in Alexa. It will be much better to create an account in Alexa instead of use Facebook account for signing up.

Hence, Alexa will give you a code (Mainly for BlogSpot or any free blogging software users) and a .html file (For paid blogging software i.e. Self-Hosted WordPress users). Just download that file on your PC and upload it in your root directory. After uploading it, it will be looking something like this; Hence, you will need to verify it.

You have completed first step out of three steps. Then create a toolbar for your blog. You can put Feed, Facebook like box, Site search button and more others. Just create one toolbar and share it with your friends, relatives and with anyone. It was the second step.

Download the toolbar on your PC and add it in your various browsers. This toolbar supports IE, Chrome and Firefox. However, add it in all your browsers and whenever, you want to check your blog rank, just do it via this toolbar and ask other people to check your blog rank from your self-made toolbar. It was the final step.


I haven’t tried the pro plan of Alexa in order to improve Alexa Ranking.

I have done all these things within 10 minutes and cut down 55k within 1 month. I hope, this guide will also help you a lot.

How this trick works for your blog. Do share your opinion with us via comment.

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